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Romina Platinum D/L Dressage

Salesman Sample
Romina Platinum D/L Dressage

<font color=red> Salesman Sample</font color=red><br>Romina Platinum D/L Dressage
Item #: 9401Gen
Regular Price: $2,015.00
Sale Price: $1,800.00

Item Description

M. Toulouse Platinum saddles are made with premium, soft leather and have wool-flocked panels. M. Toulouse saddles are hand crafted of natural, tanned, pigmented, aniline-finished high-quality leather which will accept oil. Our leather is a natural product because we allow our cows to live and roam naturally. As a result, our leather is stronger, though there may be natural marks and variations. We carefully choose the ideal cut of each individual hide in order to minimize these natural occurrences. The seat has extra padding, which gives you a more comfortable ride. Whether you ride several horses, or your horse is growing and changing, the Genesis gullet system will adjust your saddle from narrow to extra-wide and any width in between—millimeter by millimeter.