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MY MOUILLERE boot covers

MY MOUILLERE boot covers
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Mouillere Rubber Overshoes are molded thermoplastic rubber slip-on covers that protect your expensive shoes and boots. They are designed to be worn on either foot, and adapt well to different shapes of footwear. Mouillere rubber boot covers will prolong the life of paddock boots, tall boots, and regular shoes by protecting them from water, mud, dirt, manure, and more! Ideal for horse shows, where you need to keep your boots show ready for the arena. You'll also be able to walk the course, with confidence that your boots will stay clean. These flexible rubber galoshes have a grippy sole, keep your feet dry, and can be used for many other activities. Waterproof, comfortable, secure, and chic, Mouillere Rubber Overshoes are the best choice to keep your shoes clean and your feet dry.