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Kombat Kanine

Kombat Kanine
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Item Description

The FIRST yeast supplement for dogs that is not a powder or a tablet! The FIRST yeast supplement for dogs that tastes good and is easy to feed. KOMBAT KANINE-DOG BREW is the new kid on the block when it comes to brewers yeast supplements for dogs. It is not a flat, bad tasting powder or a flavorless tablet that must be crushed up and disguised with peanut butter to be fed.

Rather, KOMBAT KANINE-DOG BREW is a bacon flavored yeast pellet that dogs eat out of your hand like a treat. There is no mess and no fuss and your pet gets all of the natural brewers yeast needed to keep his coat shiny, his skin healthy and his immune system in top condition.

Why You Should Feed Brewers Yeast To Your Dog Generally, brewers yeast is recommended by holistic vets as a supplement for dogs to help strengthen the immune systems and as a common, natural remedy for fleas. Specifically, it is recommended for the following:

1. To Repel All Biting Insects Researchers are uncertain why brewers yeast is effective at keeping biting insects away. However, many pet owners find that daily use of brewers yeast does keep fleas, ticks, mosquitos and biting flies from bothering their pet. Some believe it is the odor imparted by daily use of the yeast. Others that the yeast may make the blood taste unusual because of the sulfur compounds it contains which drive the biting pests away.

2. To Improve Your Dogís Coat Brewers yeast is rich in antioxidants. Pet owners supplying their pet with daily brewers yeast report their dogís coat is shinier, and its skin is healthier. There is less itchy, dry skin and less shedding in dogs getting sufficient quantities of brewers yeast daily.

3. To Lower Stress Levels Dogs that suffer from separation anxiety and other stress issues benefit from daily brewers yeast. During moments of stress, a mammalís body burns through B vitamins quickly. B vitamins help with nerve function and stress management. Because brewers yeast is rich in B vitamins, it is an essential supplement for high stress animals. It restores the B vitamin levels that are being used up rapidly. By having the proper balance of B vitamins, the brain doesnít signal the rest of the body to release hormones like adrenaline and epinephrine that trigger feelings of anxiety.