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Ikonic "Hybrid" Pony Saddle

Ikonic "Hybrid" Pony Saddle

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Item #: HYBP01
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Item Description

Our hybrid pony saddle is technically based on the pony model of the evolution range.

This version therefore benefits from all the improvements of the "Evolution" pony saddle, the tree is narrower at the crotch and allows children to get down well in the saddle, the quarters are flexible so that children can gain contact and doubled to gain grip.

The goal of this small saddle is really to help children find their position in the looseness without "jamming" them, which will help them throughout the rest of their riding life.

We want any rider to be able to perform their sport at all levels by enjoying a saddle made of high quality and technically accomplished materials while remaining at an affordable price.

There is always our easily interchangeable gullet, padded panels in natural wool allowing a perfect adaptation, wide panels to distribute the pressure, the integrated false quarters including the cutout helping to improve lateral contact, the wide 3-point webbing allowing a distributed traction to tackle the saddle, a wide tree opening at the withers to avoid any "pinching".