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Ikonic "Elite" Jumping Saddle

Ikonic "Elite" Jumping Saddle<br><font color=blue>NEW</font color=blue>
Item #: ELIJ03-ST
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Item Description

The IKONIC Elite jumping saddle, recognizable thanks to its carbon plate, represents a perfect blend of tradition and modernity. The quality of its leather from the best tanneries ensures maximum comfort for the rider and his horse.

This model brings improvements in the panels (Shapes and materials), in the seat (fork and shape of the seat), some templates are also improved as well as the arcade points.

The twist of this saddle is slightly narrower, which makes it easier to "descend" into the saddle and find its place.

The Elite saddle has different gel points. Placed strategically in the seat, at the level of the sit bones, and at the arcade points, they allow to absorb the shock waves of the rider and the horse, in particular during the reception of a jump.

This new saddle has not lost on the specificity of the brand!

An easily interchangeable gullet and padded panels in natural wool allow a perfect fit.

All the ingredients are thus brought together to guarantee quality, comfort and performance!