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Holsteiner Breed Logo

Holsteiner Breed Logo
Item #: tac-emhlbl
Size:  Thread Color:  Blanket/Pad/Shirt Logo Placement: 

Item Description

Show the world your horse's breeding with an embroidered breed logo on your saddle pad or show scrim, sheet, cooler or blanket

Breed Logos for Saddle Pads average approx. 5" x 5"

Breed Logos for Blankets average approx. 10' x 10"

Breed Logos for Shirts average approx. 3" x 2"

Logos for a shirt can be on the left or right chest. You may choose any single color, the default color is black

Logos for pads will be placed on the back left corner, if you wish the logo to be on both sides simply order it twice

Blanket placement options are shown on the blanket chart

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