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Tack Shack Leather

Tack Shack Leather
Tack Shack of Ocala has been providing quality leather halters and leads with brass or chrome hardware to farms and individuals since 1987

We offer Turn Out Halters for the economy minded horse person who still requires quality double stitched leather. They also fulfill the needs of large breeding operations, with sizes to fit every horse - from the foal's very first halter to the largest of draft horses

Our Show/Sale Halter is our number one selling halter, and is beautiful as well as extremely durable with it's triple stitching and rolled throat It was originally designed for the Thoroughbred Sales, which is why we call them Sale Halters. You can rest assured that it is the perfect halter for you and your horses.

Our Track Halter was designed for the rigors of the race track, and is triple stitched with a rolled throat, squared hardware and a fancy stitched crown. The Champion of halters!

All of our halters come standard with solid brass hardware, we also only use solid brass on the chains and snaps on our lead shanks. Finally, these leather goods are crafted from American leather

The finishing touch is a nameplate, and it is easy to order directly from the page of whatever style halter you choose

Be sure to check our variety of lead shanks and brass tags, as well as neck straps, which are useful for breeding operations and great identifiers if you live in an area where a natural disaster may occur...many Floridians, for example, have their horses wear neck straps throughout hurricane season