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Halter Crown Pieces

Halter Crown Pieces
Halter Crown Pieces
Item #: tac-crn
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Item Description

Please make sure you order replacement crowns that are the correct width for your halters!

Tack Shack Halters Standard Crown Sizes:

#2 Foal 5/8" x 20"

Weanling 3/4" x 22"

Spring Yearling 7/8" x 23"

Yearling, 2 Yr Old/Cob, Mare/Full 1" x 24"

Oversize 1" x 26"

Stallion 1 1/8" x 24"

You may order either brown or black leather, and you may order either the standard double stitched crown or the fancy triple stitched crown that comes on Tack Shack Track Halters for an additional $2.00, pictured on the right

As our halters are hand made and not mass produced in assembly line fashion, there will be some variation in sizes in lengths...this is all a part of the process of hand crafting with leather, as no two hides are alike!